St. James Court Art Show – South Fourth Street Section

Considered one of the finest art shows in the country, this autumn tradition draws 210,000+ visitors who come to purchase unique handcrafted items directly from the hands that crafted them.

The S Fourth St Section is the 2nd largest section with 160 artists.  Located in the center of the 3.5 block show area, pedestrian traffic is heavy and artists generally report good sales.  Booths are mostly level on the street, and directly accessible by vehicle pre- and post-show.  Event organizers work diligently to cater to different artistic preferences and budgets, so there is a mix of fine art, fine craft and contemporary/traditional craft. The result is a tasteful selection of high-quality original works. Proceeds from the show fund various community charities, art scholarships and neighborhood maintenance and restoration.

Information provided in this section is specific to St. James Court Art Show – South Fourth Street.  Show-wide Rules of Participation and General Policies follow. Please read to ensure you can comply before submitting application.

All applications must be made through ZAPPlication at, St James Court Art Show – Fourth St Section 2017.   Paper applications are not accepted.

Images: 3 of work, 1 of booth

Jury/Application Fee: $30.00


Show Dates: 10/6/17 (10-6), 10/7/17 (10-6), 10/8/17 (10-5)
Application Deadline: April 1
Returning Artist Registration Deadline:  April 1
New Artist Jury Notification:  May 1
Notification Method:  Email
New Artist Registration Deadline:  June 1
Cancellation Date:  September 1
Mandatory Set-Up Date:  October 5

Booth Fee: A discounted $530 if by check, $545 if paying online by credit card.  If a check is returned NSF, you will automatically forfeit your space in the show.

Premium Fee for Open Sides:  $50 – DO NOT BUY unless we offer you an available open sided space.  Requests are considered in the order fully paid registrations are received.


Both sides of Fourth Street from Magnolia Avenue to Hill Street. Set-up is on asphalt street which is not perfectly level, and tent weights are needed. Spaces allow for 10’x10’ tent.  Extended height tents do not fit in many spaces and we do not guarantee anyone extra height.  You may use the area behind your booth for storage, but must leave a minimum 4’ aisle for pedestrian traffic.  You may not use this space to display work for sale nor display work more than a few inches beyond the perimeter of your booth in front.  You may be asked to remove chairs from outside the front of the booth.


Booth setup is Thursday before the show starting at 11:00 a.m. Direct load-in on the street within a reasonable distance is available, but be prepared to dolly several booth spaces. Wide vehicles (generally defined as vehicles wider than 7’6″ at their widest point) are not allowed in the show perimeter during prime check-in hours at the discretion of the check-in volunteers. If your vehicle is too wide, your options are to arrive early (9am at the latest to avoid street closures) to try and get a close spot in order to dolly in, or wait to enter the street after 7pm. Extremely wide vehicles (box trucks, RVs, campers etc.)  will not fit at any time. The maximum time a vehicle will be allowed to remain in the show perimeter is 2 hours and it may never be left unattended. As the traffic lanes are tight, be prepared to set up with your back tent legs on the curb to avoid obstructing moving vehicles. These may be moved forward after set-up ends.

Generators are permissible only if not seen or heard and do not emit any odors.   Electricity is not provided.

Please note, because of the difficulty of set up, it is generally not cost effective for local tent companies to rent tents to individual artists, and when willing they are often unable to work within our setup parameters.  If you must rent a tent locally, be prepared to pick it up and bring it onsite when you set-up.  If you are unable to do this, Fourth St may unfortunately not be the best section to apply to due to set up constraints.


Free parking by permit only on the east side of the 1300 block of Fourth Street (Magnolia to Park St), Gaulbert between Third and Fourth and paid parking in various area lots. RVs or other similarly large vehicles may not be parked on city streets overnight or during the show. Parking options will be provided ahead of time.  Be aware that free parking is limited, and also restricted to 1 vehicle per artist (vehicle or trailer, not both) so be prepared to use a fee-lot.  (2016 parking available starting at $50/weekend, higher for more than 2 spaces.)


Cancellations must be submitted in writing. Booth fees will be refunded, less cancellation fee, prior to 11:59pm EST September 1. The fee is $75 if original payment was made by check, $90 if by credit card. No refunds after September 1 for any reason. The booth fee is for exhibit space rental by the applicant ONLY and is not transferable to another exhibitor, nor will it be applied to the following show year. If the registrant cannot participate, control of the space reverts back to the show and refunds are made per stated policy. No refunds if inclement weather is experienced during the event or if other events beyond the control of the organizers affect sales or hours of operation, including but not limited to other acts of God or terrorism.  Organizers will follow the advice of police and/or weather service personnel in mandating evacuations or closures.


Light breakfast and snacks are provided each day of the show, full lunch (max 2/exhibitor) Friday and artist reception Saturday evening.  Coffee is available prior to show opening each day.  Some booth sitting is available. Cash awards are given for the Best of Show winners. A limited number of double spaces are available for high-volume exhibitors at the discretion of the committee.  A limited number of open sided spaces are offered to requesting artists in the order artists complete registration and booth fee payment.

The following information applies to ALL sections of the St. James Court Art Show. Please read it carefully before submitting an application.  If you are unable to meet our criteria, please do not apply.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any new or returning exhibitor for reasons not specifically listed below.


All work MUST be original and of exhibitor’s own crafting.  NO BUY/RESELL; commercial or imported items, items made from kits, or mass-produced items are not accepted.

Prints and mechanical offset reproductions (e.g. calendars, note cards, stationary) are allowed, but intent to display them must be clearly stated on the application.  Prints must be properly signed and numbered, and prints/reproductions/giclees may not comprise more that 25% of the display. (This restriction is not applicable to artwork produced via traditional printmaking techniques (serigraphy, etching, lithography, etc.).

Musical recordings may not be sold.

No food or beverage products may be sold by those applying as artists.  A limited number of food vendors are accepted to sell product for on-site consumption.

Booth structure and displays must not exceed limits of assigned space.

Exhibitors will cause no noise which can be heard beyond the perimeters of their own exhibitor space without previous written permission from the association in which they exhibit; and if that permission is granted, additional permission must be requested from the neighboring association if its boundaries are within 50 feet.  Hawking of items is prohibited.

Artists may only exhibit work in the category in which they applied.  Additionally, artists may not bring work that was not presented to the jury.  Artist’s items that are misrepresentations of works presented at time of application are subject to immediate removal from the show.

Exhibitors may not share booth space unless they have submitted a joint application and have been accepted as such, nor may they sublet or apportion space to anyone else.

Artists MUST be present and have booth open for business during all hours of the 3-day event.

Agents and/or representatives for artists, including dealers, frame shops and galleries are not allowed.

Jurors will circulate at random during the show to ensure that all work shown is in compliance with these guidelines.


The art show is produced by a consortium of 5 neighborhood groups and a church. Each section is responsible for its own exhibit space/exhibitors, which total approximately 700 artists spread over 3.5 blocks. You may apply to any or all of the sections (applications are not shared between groups), but participation is limited to one section. Once you pay a BOOTH FEE to a particular section, you are unable to accept an invitation to any other section.  Booth fees will not be refunded in the event they are paid to multiple sections.

Any exhibitor released from one section of the show for infraction of participation rules is subject to exclusion from all sections of the show.

All sections of The St. James Court Art Show are juried annually and reserve the right to accept or reject any new or returning exhibitor.

One application per artist/medium.  Business partners or spouses working in different media must apply separately; those working as partners to create the same body of work and occupy the same booth space may submit one application.  Artists applying in two different medium categories must submit an application and images for each medium.

Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own tents with weights and displays, which should be sufficiently sturdy to withstand the weather and crowds.  Artists can be held liable if they or any of their property cause damage.  Louisville Metro Police provide security during the shows hours of operation; private security is on site after hours. The show takes place in an urban (albeit residential) area, so reasonable precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of you and your property.  All work is exhibited at the artist’s own risk.  It is required that each exhibitor obtain general liability insurance, as the shows’ insurance DOES NOT extend coverage for exhibit damage, bodily injury or theft.

Electricity and running water are not available.

The average booth space allotment is 10’ by 10’, but this varies since it is an outdoor show where natural and man-made obstructions can limit or increase its size.  Tents should not be bigger than 10’x10’, nor should display height exceed 9’ to clear overhead tree branches in some areas.  The show is held in a residential neighborhood; booth spaces throughout the show are located on concrete, asphalt and grassy, tree-laden areas, with some even straddling curbs, walkways and driveways. Check with the individual section contact regarding specific site information.

Exhibitors must abide by and displays must be in accordance with local fire regulations.

The Art Show is a pet-free event except for documented service animals.

Kentucky law requires collection of a 6% sales tax on all sales made during the art show. It is not necessary for you to obtain a Kentucky tax I.D. number. The Kentucky Revenue Cabinet will provide documents which will be given to you at the show.

The city required Personal Conveyance Permit is included in your booth fee, provided in your packet, and must be displayed at all times.

Photo ID required at check-in.  The juried artist must be present to gain entry to set-up.

Unprofessional conduct, failure to abide by the Rules of Participation or General Policies or abuse of volunteers is cause for immediate dismissal at the discretion of the Art Show Section Director.